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Dependency Auditor Window

Dependency Auditor shows all dependent or precedent cells in hierarchical form:

Dependency Auditor - Trace Precedents

Just expand a branch too see next level of dependency.

Select Cell single cell. Expand this branch too see its dependents\precedents.

Select Range range of cells. Expand it to see each cell separately.

Select Defined Name constant value, entered into Names Collection. For example, you can define name PI=3.14159265 and use it in formulas.

Select External Link range from other workbook. It could not be expanded, but you can trace dependents\precedents for this range in a separate window using context menu.

Hidden Dependency - Single Cell single cell (hidden) added as a result of using OFFSET or INDIRECT functions.

Hidden Dependency - Range range of cells (hidden) added as a result of using OFFSET or INDIRECT functions.