Analyze and Trace Dependencies and Calculations in Excel

Dependency Auditor is a tool to analyze and display dependency trees and debug calculations in Microsoft Excel. It has various features, which will help you to audit your spreadsheet and analyze all data-flows. Dependency Auditor has simple and clear interface.

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Dependency Auditor - excel dependency tree

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Fast and feature-rich utility to analyze, trace and compare Excel Dependency Trees

Analyze Excel Dependency Trees

Dependency Auditor is a tool to analyze and display dependency trees and debug calculations in the Microsoft Excel workbooks. It give you ability to audit your spreadsheet and analyze all data-flows. You can find where the every number came from.

Display Hidden Dependencies

Dependency Auditor detects and displays hidden dependencies, produced by OFFSET, INDIRECT and other lookup and reference functions. You can't see them with standard Show Dependents\Precedents commands. But Dependency Auditor shows actual dependency trees in your model.

Primary aspect of the Dependency Auditor is to display dependency tree. You can drill down through this dependency and analyze all parts of the formulas, see result of each operation, and find there the values came from. If you think that your spreadsheet is wrong you can debug every value and find out how it was produced.

Why Dependency Auditor?

Dependency Auditor will save your time in analyzing workbook structure and debugging calculations in your spreadsheet.

Armed with Dependency Auditor,
the user is able to solve the most common problems that you encounter on a daily basis.

Dependency Auditor - Excel Dependency Tree

We suggest you to review features page to find more screenshots and features of the Dependency Auditor.

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Version: 5.0.0

Download Size: 2.3 Mb

File Name: xda.msi

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License: Permanent

Price: EUR 19.95

Evaluation Period: 7-days

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