Context Menu and Toolbar
Context Menu and Toolbar.

Each Dependency Auditor window contains toolbar with commands, which could be applied to selected node. All of them are duplicated in Context Menu (called by right mouse click).

  • Expand all
    Expands all nodes under selected item in tree.
  • Find cell/range ...
    Searches for first occurence of cell (cell from specific range) in tree from selected node. More ...
  • Show Precedents
    Shows precedents for currently selected range.
  • Show Dependents
    Shows dependents for currently selected range.
  • Show Inputs
    Shows input cells for currently selected range.
  • Trace error
    Use this command to trace error in currently selected cell.
     Please, note, this item is enable for cells, which contains error.
  • Highlight cells which contains error values
    Highlight error in current window.
  • Filter highlighted cells
    Display only branches with highlighted cells.
  • Show tracing errors
    When cell(range) is selected - run Trace Dependents(Precedents) command in Excel, to display tracing errors.
  • Evaluate cell(range)
    Display value of each part of formula in currently selected cell(range).
  • Save branch ...
    Saves selected sub-tree on separate worksheet or text file. More ...
  • Save path from root node ...
    Saves path from root node to selected node on separate worksheet or text file. More ...
  • Format ...
    Assigns style to selected branch or path from root node to selected node. More ...
  • Select cell(range) in Excel
    Use this command to quickly switch to Excel and select this cell(range).
     Please note Dependency Auditor window will not be closed. You can switch back to it using Alt-Tab or Taskbar.
  • Help
    Displays Dependency Auditor Help Library.