How to use Dependency Auditor

What do you get if you are using Dependency Auditor to browse Excel dependency tree?

Thank you for choosing Dependency Auditor - the most powerful and accurate Dependency Tracing Utility

Dependency Auditor is fast and very easy in use.

It's commands are present in the right click menu:

and on ribbon (Excel 2007/2010/2013):

Drill down tracing dependency trees in the Excel workbook

Dependency Auditor provides you with a way to find out where a result of formula comes from:

Dependency Auditor shows hidden dependencies in your workbook.

You see actual calculation model:

Dependency Auditor - hidden dependencies

Finder tool allow to quickly find path between 2 cells:

Dependency Auditor - find dependency path

Trace and filter errors values in workbook.

Find what caused error and see all error chain:

Dependency Auditor - analyze error values

Advanced formula evaluation tool.

View each sub-expression of formula and analyse it. Find out how value is produced by complex formula:

Dependency Auditor - evaluate formula

Set of commands and features to work with dependency trees: