Compare Excel Dependency Trees with Dependency Auditor 4.6.5

Dependency Auditor press release from 05/29/2012

Thank you for choosing Dependency Auditor - the most powerful and accurate Dependency Tracing Utility

Compare Excel Dependency Trees with Dependency Auditor 4.6.5

Dependency Auditor is an ultimate tool for tracing Precedents, Dependents and Calculations in Microsoft Excel. It provides you set of very helpful graphical and navigation tools to go through dependency list. This tool shows Dependency Tree in the native tree form, which is not possible in Excel and in another tools. This way allows you to quickly and easily navigate through Excel Dependency Trees.

Dependency Auditor 4.6.5 has new window layout which allows you to keep several windows on the screen. When you have several Excel Dependency Trees on the screen you can quickly compare them and find the difference. The task which may take a lot of time in Excel can be resolved in a few minutes in the Dependency Auditor.

Now all Dependency Auditor windows are combined into one main window and shown in a form of Tabs. Like a standard Windows Tab Control Dependency Auditor show only active tab on the screen. Another ones are hidden. But you can pin every tab and make it visible all the time. This layout allows you to keep as many Dependency Trees on the screen as you need.


Dependency Auditor supports all versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013, Excel 365 including Excel 2010/2013 64-bit version.


Launched in 2006 Spreadsheet Tools specializes in the development of Excel Add-in and has already gained its popularity with worksheet comparison tool xlCompare, and LockXLS - Excel workbook copy protection software. Upon request, any necessary option can be added in the product for free.

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